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Plain (blank) labels :
computer spocket label
These are available in all shapes and sizes as per your specifications.
Pre-printed labels :
computer spocket label
you can either supply us the artwork and design, or we can create the artwork and design for you. Available in all shapes, sizes, paper-types and colours as per your specifications.
Multi-color labels :
removable label barcode ribbon stickers
Barcode labels :
These are suitable for printing with barcode printers. Available in all standard sizes.
Pharma labels :
barcode labels
suitable for use by pharmaceutical companies.
Tamper-proof labels :
Also known as tamper-fast labels and security labels, these labels cannot be removed. And if you try to remove them, they break and leave behind evidence of having been tampered with. Typically used for secure closure of pharmaceuticals items, electronic goods and automotive spares.
Removable labels :
These labels can be removed without leaving a stain on the surface; specially used for glass.
Thermal labels :
These are for use in thermal printers.
Multi-foil hot-stamping labels :
removable label
these are very attractive labels with a shiny surface.
Garment labels :
barcode ribbon Hot stamping Foil Labels in different colours & sizes give smart look to inner wear.
Piggy-back labels :
Each container-label is actually a set of identical smaller-sized labels which piggy-back on the container label. Also known as label-on-label, these are widely used by Blood Banks, Vaccination Centers, Pathological Laboratories, Hospitals, Courier companies and Logistics companies for tracking corrugated boxes and parcels.
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