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About Us
Factory :
Located in central Ahmedabad, our factory is well-equipped and well-staffed to meet all requirements. Spread over an area of 300 square yards, we have Japanese label-printing machines, with online multi-color printing, online die-cutting and waste-off.
Quality Control :
Every sheet / roll that comes off our production line, is inspected before being sent to the dispatch department.
Key Personnel :
Romharsh Joshi :
Founder of the business, he has been instrumental in growing the business from a small 1-room workshop, to a full-fledged factory. He looks after marketing, finance and strategy.
M : 0-98250-65071
barcode printer
Rajesh Malvania :
Fondly called “Raju”, he joined the firm immediately after completing his college (in 1992) and has been with us ever since. He has gained a deep insight into the production and operational aspects of the business. Presently he is the head of the factory and looks after production, operations, personnel and logistics.
M : 0-98250-38571
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Bharat Gajjar :
A dedicated and hard-working generalist, Bharat has been with us since 5 years, and looks after general administration.
O : (079) 2663-1947 / 6521-2935
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